Personal Money Management

Personal Money Management Services

Ever looked at your gross earnings statement at the end of the year and wondered where the money went?

A sound financial road map takes the mystery out of money and puts you in control so your spending supports not only your needs but your goals and dreams. A personal money management plan can include any or all of the areas listed below.

Money Management to meet your lifestyle goals

Whether your income is $50,000 or $500,000, it is imperative to have a clear picture of where the money goes. That picture is the basis for well-informed investment planning. This cash flow analysis also reveals how you’re positioned for life’s emergencies.

Insurance and Risk Management to keep the unexpected in check

Having more insurance isn’t always better, but having enough is vital. Insurance helps protect against life’s unexpected risks to you and your family. A car accident, illness or major injury can collapse even the best-laid plans. Understanding your personal situation and your life goals helps establish how much insurance is enough.

College Planning to support their dreams without jeopardizing yours

Every family’s wish is for the children and grandchildren to have it better than the previous generation. Today, there are numerous options for college and special training programs. While providing for children’s education is a worthwhile goal, it is important to understand how the money you provide can affect a child’s ability to receive his or her own financial aid. It is equally important to measure any such gift against the need to plan for retirement. We look at the ramifications of each savings and financing option when creating a family college plan.

Retirement Planning to make them golden years

A long, healthy life can be a blessing but enjoying those retirement years takes greater planning today than it did for previous generations. With fewer jobs guaranteeing a pension, future retirees will need to rely more heavily on their own assets. A smart time to plan for a plentiful retirement is when you have lots of time. No matter whether you see retirement within the next few years or many decades from now, an assessment of your goals, assets, and investments along with a savings and investment strategy will make retirement a time to be cherished.

Tax Planning to take the bite out of April 15th

A thorough review of your income tax return by a professional with broad-based financial experience can reveal potential tax savings. The only way to achieve those savings is through tax planning. There is little anyone can do to change their tax profile on April 15th. Tax planning involves taking steps before the end of each year to keep your taxes in check and at the same time, move you toward your financial goals.

Business Stability Through Difficult Transitions

Business Owners Divorce

A husband and wife approached CEO Financial Services to help them navigate through a difficult transition in their lives. The couple, who shared responsibility for operating a business, was divorcing. Bringing in a neutral third party allowed the business operations to continue apart from the couples’ marital transition.

CEO Financial Services was hired to take over the finances in a case where the wife was the primary bookkeeper of her husband’s professional office. While it is not uncommon that a couple share responsibility in a small business, a divorce proceeding makes such an arrangement unworkable. Hiring CEO Financial Services enabled the business to continue operations without loss of productivity or income.

The couple also benefitted from the advice provided by Carol O’Neil, who is a certified divorce financial analyst (CDFA) with specialized training in the financial issues that arise through a divorce.

The result was that each spouse had the same financial data available through the divorce proceedings, and the accountants and attorneys working on behalf of the couple had ready access through CEO Financial Services to the information they needed.

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Divorce between Business Co-Owners

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Bookkeeping, Financial Reporting, Certified Divorce Financial Analysis

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Business continuity without loss of productivity or income