About CEO Financial Services

The Company

CEO Financial Services was founded in 2007 with the core principle that strong financials are the foundation for business success and individual well-being. We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to equip businesses with the tools and strategies needed to optimize cash flow, manage risk, and achieve long-term financial objectives. Our services also extend to individuals, ensuring financial security and alignment with personal and business goals.

The Team

As a family business, we are dedicated to empowering our clients to make intelligent choices with their money, enabling each to fulfill their aspirations and experience genuine happiness and security in their lives.

Our Customers

From launching a new venture to navigating growth phases, CEO Financial Services partners with businesses and individuals to craft personalized financial strategies. Whether you’re a recent graduate seeking guidance for your first business, a family planning for a child’s college education, or a seasoned entrepreneur looking to optimize cash flow, we help you achieve your financial goals.

Our Financial Advising Team

Carol O'Neil - Financial Advisor - Lake Worth

Carol O’Neil

Financial Advisor


Carol O’Neil is a financial analyst who spent more than 25 years in financial services and banking with national and international industry leaders, including JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, and Chase Manhattan Bank. Understanding the complexities of the financial industry, she uses her experiences to educate and assist individuals in navigating a plan for financial success. In 2005, she joined Cornerstone Planning Group, a financial planning and consulting practice as Managing Partner – Business Development. Her focus was on developing financial strategies for families and small business owners.

In 2007, with the desire to provide a more personalized experience for her clients, she founded CEO Financial Services with the intent of providing businesses and individuals with the essential components that are vital to financial and personal success. Carol’s intimate, hands-on approach has benefited business startups, midsize entities poised for growth, mergers and acquisitions, and even delicate splits in ownership, such as divorce between owners. She has also excelled at guiding individuals looking to optimize their spending and investment strategies.

Carol holds degrees in Economics and Communications from Allegheny College in Pennsylvania and holds a Certified Financial Divorce Analyst designation. She is pursuing her Certified Financial Planner designation and a Masters in Taxation.

Jim O'Neil - Lake Worth Financial Advisor

Jim O’Neil

Financial Advisor


Jim O’Neil has over 20 years experience from a diverse industry background including manufacturing, banking, finance, credit analysis, advertising, insurance, and pharmaceuticals. This broad range of industry experience gives him unique insight into how the domestic and global markets affect the economy and more importantly, your portfolio. His broad, firsthand experience better enables him to educate and assist individuals on the appropriateness of financial diversification when developing financial strategies.

Jim holds degrees in Mathematics and Economics from Allegheny College in Pennsylvania. He holds a Certified Retirement Planning Consultant (CRPC) professional designation, and is pursuing designations of Certified Financial Analyst (SFA) and Chartered Market Technician (CMT).

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