Unlock Sustainable Growth Through Strategic Financial Analysis

Crafting a sound financial plan starts with a clear understanding of your current position. The services below are a list of what all businesses, regardless of size or stages of growth, need in order to manage their growth and momentum, while maintaining compliance with Federal, State and local regulations.

According to Inc. Magazine, there are 5 new regulations that will affect small businesses in 2024. The new laws and rules for 2024 affect wages, taxes, loans, labor, and financial crimes.

Strategic Analysis Steps

  • Understanding the Strategic Goals: Grasp the company’s overall strategic objectives.
  • Analyze Financial Performance: Dive into the company’s financial statements like income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. Tools like ratio analysis are used to assess profitability, liquidity, solvency, and efficiency.
  • Industry Comparisons: Comparing the company’s financial metrics with industry benchmarks and direct competitors helps understand its relative position.
  • Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses: By combining financial analysis with strategic goals, you can identify areas where the company excels financially and areas where it might be lagging.
  • Forecasting and Scenario Planning: Financial analysis is used to build financial forecasts, predicting future financial performance based on various assumptions. It also involves stress testing the financials with different economic scenarios.
  • Making Strategic Recommendations: Ultimate goal is to translate financial insights into actionable recommendations that support the company’s strategic objectives. This could involve making investment decisions, identifying cost-cutting measures, or exploring new funding options.
  • Tracking Performance: Strategic financial analysis is an ongoing process. Regularly monitoring financial performance helps assess if the company is on track to achieve its strategic goals and allows for course correction if needed.

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