The Business Management Advantage:
Aligning Finances with Goals

Is every department delivering a strong return on investment? Just one of the many questions that management needs answered to properly steer and pace a growing business.

Managing finances is essential for any business, but it can be a time-consuming burden, stealing focus from core activities like sales, marketing, and product development. This creates a critical dilemma: neglecting finances, the backbone of your business, to focus on growth.

Outsource financial management to gain back your time, benefit from an impartial perspective on your spending and be assured the finances are continually aligned with the business’ goals.

According to SCORE, 82% of small businesses fail due to cash flow problems. Cash flow is simply a metric that indicates how money is coming in and being spent. Without accurate tracking, budgeting, planning and forecasting, businesses can run out of money without even knowing it.

Business Financial Management Activities

  • Align spend management with business goals.
  • Internal controls to safeguard financial assets: vendors contracts, insurance policies
  • Financial statements for tax accountant.
  • Manage cash flow challenges to avoid churn and meet organization’s needs
  • Optimize business loans
  • Cash flow management supporting short term/long term goals
  • Forecasting expenses
  • Spend management from sourcing to payment
  • Expense management – employee, departmental budgeting, fees, etc.
  • Regulatory compliance with federal, state, and local jurisdictions.
  • Identify new funding opportunities.
  • Monthly monitoring banking activities
  • Monitor banking and company credit card choices and agreements
  • Manage company leases and major purchases agreements

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