Business Financial Services

Lake Worth Business Financial Services

Let’s Face It. You’re in business to make money.

Step back a moment to consider your business goals and objectives. Whether it’s 50-percent growth, a 20-year plan, or a near-term exit, a business plan that aligns with those goals is paramount. CEO Financial Services provides businesses the experience of a full-scale finance department without the need to hire in-house. We structure the business’s accounting operation to accomplish short- and long-term goals and provide analysis and planning for daily operations, taxes, insurance, and human resources.

Maximize Growth Through Strategic Financial Analysis

The first step to sound money management is a logical operating budget. We start with an analysis of costs, compliance, contractual obligations, and programmatic requirements. We craft a healthy cash flow and identify new funding sources. CEO Financial Services partners with management to create the strategic vision to grow your business, including fostering stakeholder relationships, and when necessary, assisting in the development and negotiation of contracts.

The Business Management Advantage: Financial & Regulatory Compliance

A sound system of internal controls and solid fiscal reporting gives you the tools to continually know the financial health of your company. CEO Financial Services customizes those systems to safeguard your financial assets. We prepare your annual financial documents so tax time is streamlined and surprise-free.

Gain Real-Time Insights via Financial Reporting

Empower data-driven decisions & achieve growth goals with our outsourced monthly financial reporting services. Get a clear picture of your business health with detailed P&L statements, streamlined A/P & A/R management, and fixed asset oversight. Focus on growth while we handle the financial details.

Annual Insurance Review: Maintaining Compliance, Optimizing Coverage

One of the most complex decisions facing business owners is what insurance to carry as well as what insurance benefits package to offer employees. CEO Financial Services provides consultation in determining your company’s insurance needs as well as the tax implications of those decisions.

Human Resources

Financial Efficiencies, Compliance and Preparedness

For many businesses, no asset is more valuable than its staff. Having a cost-effective payroll and benefits plan is a necessary tool for attracting quality employees. CEO Financial Services assists in the design of salary structures and benefits plans and can oversee payroll processes.

A CEO Financial Services Success Story

landscaping business planningA landscaping company with revenue of about $500,000 had been handling its own basic bookkeeping and invoicing. They approached CEO Financial Services and made the decision that their time was better spent working on their business rather than their books. They also sought help positioning their business for growth.

CEO Financial Services not only took over bookkeeping, payroll, and basic financial reporting, but helped set up detailed systems to analyze how to grow the landscaping business.  It included analyzing the cost of new equipment, the cost in fuel, and the manpower required to expand in certain geographic areas.

The result gave the company the ability to know how to grow and maintain profit margins. It meant turning down business that incurred greater costs in time and fuel in favor of targeting new customers in a concentrated area, enabling the company to see a better growth. After six months the company saw an increase in revenue of 50 percent.

Financial Services Highlights


Annual Company Revenue

Services Provided
Business Analysis, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Financial Reporting

CEO Financial Services Results
50% increase in revenue in 6 months