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Achieve Financial Well-Being
With A Personal Touch

Financial Services for Businesses

CEO Financial Services provides businesses the experience of a full-scale finance department without the need to hire in-house.

Personal Money Management

A sound financial road map takes the mystery out of money and puts you in control so your spending supports not only your needs but your goals and dreams.


Running a proper investment strategy doesn’t have to be overly complicated or involve nauseating dips and turns to reach your goals.

How CEO Financial Services Helps You

We take the mystery out of common financial related tasks to help you focus on your business and improve your personal financial well-being.

Personal Consultation

Personal Financial Consultation

Carol O’Neil meeting with a client, going over their financials.

Personal Results

In today’s world, you have many different options when it comes to getting financial advise. The vast majority of your choices however will not include the personal service you will find with CEO Financial Services. Carol and Jim O’Neil live in the same community as many of their clients and take pride in developing long term relationships with a focus on personalized service.

CEO Financial Services will listen to your needs and develop a personal financial strategy specific to your business, every day finances, or long term investments. Contact Carol O’Neil to learn how CEO Financial Services can remove barriers and frustrations from your financial picture.

What is a Financial Advisor?

The answer is in the name! A financial advisor will advise you on some (or all) aspects of your financial picture. A financial advisor can offer services ranging from simple advice to complete management of all aspects of your finances.

Where do I begin?

To begin, give Carol O’Neil at call at (561) 389-1227 to learn how CEO Financial Services can assist in areas of your business or personal finances.

Strategic Partners

CEO Financial Services has a wealth of community partners to help with specific client needs.

Risk Management Professionals



Marketing Professionals

Payroll Specialists